Water Treatment Plant Supplier India

Pressure Sand Filters

We provide advanced model sand media filter unit , sand will be obtained from white silica stone. Our compact advanced design ensures the maximum utilization of the surface area volume, lesser pressure droping across the pressure flow bed and effective elimination of the impurities present. The strength, power ,stability and micro-porous character of filtration media make sand filter suitable for virtually every application in the water treatment industry so it is called basic level system in all plants.

Activated Carbon Filter system

Activated carbon is the most common method of treatment for de-chlorination and removal of taste and odour from water, through adsorption. Our grade is 1050 ppm Iodine value which is the most highest quality carbon in the market used for water treatment application today.

Iron removal Filter plant

We use Purolite, Brim USA ,Katalox Germany etcetc for iron and turbidity removal. Depending on the water characteristic and application of end product.Iron removal filter is processed catalytic filtration unit where the raw water passes through the layer of compressed air, processed catalyst and the high grade quartz filter media etc. The dissolved ferrous iron salts are converted into insoluble ferric salt and precipitated over the filter bed and then the iron free filtered water comes out effficently.

Bromide Removal Filter unit

Green Water Science offers Bromide removal solution for domestic and industrial application. The Water containing Bromide when ozonated, produces Bromate which is carcinogenic. The level of bromate is allowed upto 20 ppb in Drinking Water. However, Green Water Science offers systems to reduce Bromide from water to avoid Bromate transformation post Ozonation. We can reduce it upto 5 ppm or more as per client requirements and end application needs.

Manganese removal Filter unit

Usually normal Manganese produces a brownish color in laundered clothing, leaves black particles on items surfaces, joints etc and as with iron, proves stains on the surfaces, stick and never goes off once it is happened , it affects the taste of beverages, including coffee and tea. Green Water Science specializes in manganese removal systems to eliminate it completely.

We offer Advanced model Mineral Water Project , Units for Drinking Water Systems Industrial RO Plant Domestic RO Plant , for Juice And Soft Drink Projectsplants,Advanced hard Water Softener, Commercial D M Plant Industrial Water Filters & Purifiers Chemical Dozing System Micron Filters UV Sterilizer Hydro Pneumatic System Ultra Filtration System , RO Nano Filtration System ,Ozonation For Drinking Water An Dpool Water, System Effluent Treatment Plant Sewage Treatment Plants Grey Water Treatment Plant EDI Systems Clarifier , STP Works, grey Water Plants for hotels and homes, Desalination Plant Swimming Pool filter Swimming Pool Accessories like light ladder chemicals etc

We have a very strong experienced hold in the areas of Design, Supply and Erection of water and waste water treatment turn key projects such as:

  • RO Reverse Osmosis Plant
  • Swimming Pool Projects
  • RO BRACKISH Sea Water Desalination Plant
  • Water Softeners industrial and domestic
  • De-Mineralizing Plant DM technology
  • Effluent Treatment Plant ETP plant
  • Ultra violet sterilizer UV
  • Ozone solutions O3
  • Sewage Treatment Plant in Aerobic process and Anaerobic methods
  • Automated Packaged Drinking Water Plant for bottling units
  • Filling Machines (Rinsing, Filling, Capping) for water bottling units
  • Carbonators and chillers for beverage production
  • Pet bottle blowing machine PET Blow mould
  • Iron Removal Plant IRF Units
  • Water Treatment Plant WTP commercial and domestic
  • Automated Soda Plants for carbonization and degassfication for oxygen removal