GWS offering International Franchisee and Channel Partnership. Let's grow together

How we work with you…

As a GWS family member, you are an independent business owner. You are responsible for running all aspects of your business, including taking care of all taxes and working within the law. In the real world sense, we like to consider our relationship like a partnership in that we work with you to help you be successful. Our success is dependent upon your success, so we work hard to help you be successful.We have ready made water purifiers for both residential needs and commercials.These systems has an already set fixed price. But our custom designed water treatment systems comes with tailor-made specifications which suits the clients requirements.So in such cases , we cannot let you know the prices before an enquiry is placed

If you are a desirous and potential business minded person or an entity who wanted to enter into new segments of business,we can extend our hands to you wherever in the world you are

What defines us…

Some companies try to be the fastest or the cheapest or the coolest or the most convenient. Some companies struggle to figure out what they stand for in the amazing confusion of businesses and products that make up our increasingly chaotic world. We know where we stand; we produce the highest quality, most effective water purification systems in the world! We have an absolute commitment to purity! In one word, We are the best!

We believe that you, your children, your newborn, your spouse, your parents and your loved ones should not consume any of the toxins that can be in drinking water. Nothing! Nada! Period, end of story. We believe that there is no compromise on this point. It’s not good enough to have a filter that is partially effective on some things or a reverse osmosis system that sometimes produces somewhat pure water.

It’s important that you understand this about us. Our product is not something that you sell on price alone. We sell based on value, and if you are going to be successful at this business you have to feel comfortable with this. Can you sell on value? It’s more than this though; do you believe, really believe, in our higher purpose? Do you want to not only sell something for the purpose of making money, but to sell something that truly helps people?

We do what we do because it is what we believe in and we don’t compromise.

What defines you?

What you do defines you and your level of commitment. Do you say that you believe in the vital importance of people protecting themselves from toxins in water but yet also sell filters and reverse osmosis systems? From our perspective, to do so dilutes your message and demonstrates to people that you aren’t really committed to protecting people. The most successful dealers that we have ever had have shared a similar trait; they completely believe in distillation and they don’t compromise. It becomes a mantra for them, almost a spiritual mission.

To become a GWS member we don’t require that you exclusively focus on our products (to participate in our more advanced programs we do require greater commitments). But we do highly encourage it, because we feel it’s essential to your success. Don’t look at our products as just another product to sell. Look at this as opportunity to change people’s lives! So what is this business about? It’s about…

Helping people understand the vital need for pure water in their lives and giving them the means to ensure that their family is consuming the highest purity water.

Passionately believing in what we are doing. Knowing that there should be no compromise in the ideal of water purity. We believe that a little-bit pure or sometimes pure is not good enough. In other words, show them that you believe so much in distillation that you believe that no other options are good enough. Being committed to education. First become the expert yourself; study, study, study. Then talk with confidence about what you know. Creating a long-term business that generates revenue from different sources while truly helping people in your local area. Introduction

Partnering with GWS is an excellent business opportunity that allows you to make a real difference to families and businesses in your local area. This opportunity is about more than just selling a line of products; it’s about sharing an ideal of absolute purity. It’s about helping people live healthy lives by helping them avoid toxic chemicals that are increasingly common in water. It’s a noble goal, and an awesome profession.

As a GWS Business Owner…

As a GWS Business Owner you can get our premium systems in a discounted prices and resell them to families and commercials, businesses in your local area on our MRP. We also offer different ways that you can expand and customize your business to suit you. We will give you close guidance in marketing and trainings

Some of the advantages of a GWS Business Owner …

Multi-dimensional opportunity. The GWS Business Owner offers a multi-dimensional approach to business. What does this mean? Basically, there are many different ways that you can do this business. We don’t put you in a box and tell you exactly how you have to run your business. You are able to focus on your strengths. You can also operate your outlets in your style of business to generate more sales

Ground-level opportunity. As discussed earlier, people are not very aware about the need for pure water in their life. Box stores and even appliance stores don’t carry water purifiers because there is virtually no demand from the public for them. This means that the market is wide open for you. You have the opportunity to take advantage of this void in the market right now.

Solid company with tremendous history. The GWS is recognized as the absolute best and world class water treatment system for over last decade. Our premium water and waste water systems are used by large multinational corporations, governments, military agencies, factories, commercial establishments, universities, doctors, laboratories, and hundreds of thousands of families around the world. Many use our water purifiers to protect their staff from harsh water conditions and potential terror threats to their water supply. We are a very respected name in the industry.

Sales based on education. Our sales process is based upon education. While people are not aware of water and water treatment, it’s a very easy thing to explain. Ours is a simple process that is very demonstrable. It’s a pure joy to watch people “get-it”. When you explain it right, people’s eyes light up and they really get excited!

Develop your reputation as an expert. As you learn about water, water pollution, and water treatment you will become more passionate than ever. Transfer this passion as you educate people. You will establish yourself as the local expert that people talk to about water purification issues.

Low-cost investment to join. A GWS Business Oppurtunity is a low-cost business opportunity that gives you an opportunity to generate a great income. Invest in your business as you see fit. .

What and Where you need the investment?

GWS Channel partner requires a standard showroom / office area to coordinate the business activities in your domain.The office should be equipped with all modern facilities like internet , computers, telephones. Marketing facilities like Vehicles, sales executives etc. Upto date training will be provided by company. Brochures and other promotional kits will be provided by the company on certain terms and conditions

Local sales.

The core of function of your business will be to sell our premium water filters, waste water solutions to families and businesses in your local area for drinking, general applications. This is usually done via a face-to-face sales presentation in which you sit down with a couple and educate them on the need for the product. As you probably know, sales is about more than just educating someone, it’s primarily about being passionate about something and transferring that passion. Making a sale is primarily an emotional action, and the knowledge and facts back up and reinforce the emotional aspect. This is why it’s important to totally, passionately believe in what you’re doing.

The basic process for local sales is to a) place potential enquiries with us b) We will provide you customized proposals c) Submit the quotation/proposal with your customer and close the deal. d) Collect work order

Please note that we receive leads every day from all over the world, we may get leads from your areas too. We are happy to turn these leads over to you.

Why we need you itself to our team ?

If required we ourselves can make a launch in your town. But we do not get the local influence as you already having. Also you have sound better knowledge about the market than us. Moreover local contacts are more important for faster business development