Iron Removal Plant

We offer our clients an encompassing range of Iron Removal Plant which is widely used for the removal of excess iron content present in the water. All our plant designing’s are completely customized, so that we could meet the client requirement efficiently and effectively.  The Iron Removal Plant we offer is manufactured with high grade raw material. We have wide range of units like Iron Removal Plant for flat and apartments and residential establishments, Industrial Iron Removal, FRP Iron Removal Filter,Poly glass Filters, MS Iron Removal Filter and SS Stainless steel made filters.

We are a prominent suppliers of the Iron Removal Water Purifiers. With hardness and arsenic content increasing in most residential underground water this product provide the much needed reliability in drinking water. Capable to remove metallic taste and reddish brown color, the product has a reliable performance and low maintenance cost. Plus, we have an after sales services providing the essential installation and maintenance advice. We also can arrange for the test of removal of alkalinity and manganese in hard water. Different sizes are also provided.

The Iron Removal Plant is prominent heavy duty product being supplied from our delivery team. It has the capability of removing three main types of iron and manganese impurities like Ferrous, Ferric, and Bacterial Iron. The treatment method includes Chlorination, retention and Filtration. The product uses activated carbons in the filter material. Different ppm size colloidal Ferric Iron impurities are utilized can be filtered with supreme efficiency. We provide flexible discount for bulk delivery to our esteemed clients. We are providing Yellow Water Filter which is also known as Iron Remover Filter.

We are doing all kind of Iron Removal filter for single tap and full house and industrial application and hospitals and hostels and any commercial places


Our specially designed Iron Removal Plant can remove metals and chemical contamination .We designs the highest adsorptive filters to trap even the last trace of iron content in your water and thereby rendering clean and healthy water.

Suitable for  :

  1. Residential Establishments like Flats, Apartments,Homes
  2. Educational Institutions
  3. Hotels and Resorts
  4. Hospitals
  5. Municipality water supply
  6. Pharmaceutical needs
  7. Industries