Oil and Gas Water Treatment

Water consumption of oil and gas industry in Russia is at 2 km 3 / year. Of which the share of fresh water accounts for about 0.75 km 3 / year, everything else - the so-called waste water t.e.voda formed during drilling, production, processing and transportation of oil and gas.

Oil and Gas Water Treatment

Water Treatment for the Oil and Gas Industry

Dynamics of absolute indicators of water consumption in the country is determined by the existing norms of water consumption and the degree of the industry's transition to sustainable water use, which refers to the creation of closed water systems that eliminate the discharge of wastewater into surface water or bury them. Thus, the water should be reused, by purifying contaminants. Makeup such closed systems fresh water should be carried out only to replenish water losses or to expand production

Treatment Segments:

  • Aerators, Flash Mixers, Flocculators
  • Clarifier, Parallel Plate separator,
  • Tube Settler, HRSCC, Clariflocculator
  • Sand Filtration, Dual Media Filters,
  • Activated Carbon filters, Ultra Filtration

  • Chlorination
  • Side Stream Filter, Softener
  • Chemical Dosing System

  • DM plant
  • RO unit
  • Ultra Filtration
  • Condensate Polishing

  • Backwash/DM Water treatment
  • Cooling Tower/Boiler Blow down

  • Moving Media Bioreactor, MBR systems, Sewage Recycle Plant

  • API/Tilted Plate Interceptor (TPI)