Swimming pool Contrcution Builders

Swimming Pool Design Construction Maintenance Chemicals

We approach the pool building like an art form. Right from the design stage, we undertake in-depth planning and surveys. Our designs are formulated keeping in mind potential factors such as shape of the plot, landscape and soil characterstics.

Our team will help you understand the process from start to finish including:

  • Free site visit and analysis
  • Discussion with client about the actual requirements
  • Sharing our pool idead and collecting your ideas in mind, so together discuss and enable us to create a superb stunning mind blowing backyard pool.
  • We design and provide 3D pool designs to our genuine clients so they will get a chance toselect as they like

There are different types of swimming pool models . Based on its technology the model name differs :


Infinity pool

Also known as negative edge, Zero edge, disappearing edge, unseen edge, no edge, vanishing edge pool which is a kind of reflecting pool which produces a human visual effect of water extending to the horizon, vanishing, or extending to “infinity”.These is usually seen in exotic hotel and resorts which brings a high level view of the sea or lakes.

Overflow Pool

This pool seems like the water is over flowing from the pool area to outside. But actually certain racks are constructed to retain the water back to pool after filtration process gain and again.

Skimmer Type Pool

This is the most common type pool we use and see in local areas. This is very easy to maintain too. Any shape pools can be done with this technology hazzle freely.