Centralized Water Purification-Total Water Filteration System

Water treatment is an important household & industry requirement. However water treatment can be beneficial only if designed with proper insight. Scientific designing not only helps to increase the life span of plant considerably but also it helps to provide the desired output as well. We, as an expert in the field of water treatment can provide you valuable information and solutions that are best suited for your water problems. We have a wide range of water purification methods to choose from. A few of them are given below. Our Water Purification systems and devices is developed from the optimum quality raw materials keeping in mind the national and international quality standards, which removes microbiological impurities; excess minerals, pesticides, chemicals and many other dissolved solids, virus ,ecoli coli form bacteria from the water and makes it suitable for several purposes.

  • Household Water Treatment Plants and Water Purifiers.
  • Hard Water Softening Water Filters.
  • Water Filters to remove Smell,Color,Iron,Turbidity,Ecoli Coliform Bacteria.
  • Hard Water Softening Water Filters.

These plants are designed to satisfy the homely water purification requirements. Normal design is to match the water flow from a 0.5 HP /1 HP pump.A properly designed plant assures colorless odorless water for your entire home needs.With backwash facility the system can go on and on years with little maintenance.Household water treatment plants, but are designed to handle very high flow rate to meet typical requirements of Flats, Apartments & Villa Projects. The normal capacity of these plants ranges from 1,000 liters to 2,50,000 liters per hour.Our specially designed Iron Removal Plant (IRP)s can remove iron and manganese upto 10PPM.

The centralized water purification systems are designed to provide high quality bacteria free drinking water in large quantities. The system is remotely installed at a distance from dispensing taps which makes it suitable for schools, colleges and institutions where chances of rough handling is high.The most advanced components selections that increase efficiency while minimizing investment and outstanding operation experience, minimizing cost of consumables and allowing reliable.water productio, Flexible financing packages that help customers transform ambitious dreams into reality – all within accelerated deadlines and strict budgetary framework..