Water Purification Filters Suitable for Apartments, Hotels, Hospitals and Other Commercial Establishments

Increasing scarcity of fresh water and environmental concerns drives wastewater reuse; more and more buildings are setting up water and sewage treatment plants for their needs. The green building movement also places an allowance on water conservation and recycling, along with energy savings. At GWS, we understand these trends and work closely with our customers to meet their current and future needs. GWS Water is a leading turnkey solution provider of water and wastewater treatment systems in India having three key strengths: Advanced Technical Strength, Modern Design Capability and Strong Project Management Skills at comfortable costs. With GWS engineering expertise, profound design and construction capabilities we deliver the capability to Design, Construct, Install & commission plants of almost all capacities & technologies. It provides total water & wastewater treatment solutions to commercial institutions like Hotels, Hospitals, Shopping malls, IT Parks, Residential and other commercial complexes. Our unique portfolio delivers each project with technical depth allowing us to support our customers with engineering, new upgrades, parts, spares & services and Operation & Maintenance. Our approach is to work closely with a customer and suggest the optimum solution for their even most complex needs, satisfying them completely. And this helps us maintain a successful long term relationship with our clients. Furthermore, GWS provides a Pan-India Sales and Service network with a dedicated team to operate and maintain the plants for its customers. GWS continually extends and enriches its offering, to guarantee expertise at every step of the project it undertakes

Some common methods for commercial water treatments is as follows: » Dual Media » Pressure Sand Filtration » Iron Removal • Ultra Violet • Reverse Osmosis • Chemical Disinfection System • Demineralization Systems etc. Always select the best company to serve you, because Poor design of systems can lead to catastrophic failures. .

Our Commercial Water Treatment are classified into the following categories:

Dual Media Water Filter

Site: Athirapally Waterfalls,Thrissur. This Dual Media treatment covers the mechanisms and processes used to treat waters that have been contaminated in some way by biological factors.

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Iron Removal Water Treatment

This is a type of Commercial water treatment focused on removal of excess Iron and Turbidity,Odour,Color present in the water.This also removes Bacterial presence

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Commercial Water Treatment Plant

Commercial water filteration units are being installed in variuos places like Flat, Apartment, Food Processing Industries, Production units etc.This is completely maintenace free systems which doesnt require any power

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Water Treatment cum RO Plant

Site:The Pizza Hut. It works on the principle of Reverse osmosis,also known as hyper-filtration. One of the finest techniques for treating water, reverse osmosis eliminates contaminants from water thus making it fit for potable needs.

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Green Water Science™ takes the opportunity to present ourselves as a renowned and fastest emerging company in the Water Treatment Industry. We are engaged in designing and manufacturing of Water purification and Waste water management systems. Green water science is a water treatment company based in Kerala and We are providing all types of Water Treatment Services and Waste Water Manangement Projects in all over India and overseas. Please feel free to talk to our Technical Consultants right now