Medical Hospital Waste Water Treatment Plant Suppliers

Water is the basic element for the pharmaceutical industry. In the pharmaceutical industry, is the most commonly used water in liquid form, not only as an ingredient in many formulations, but also as a cleaning agent is recognized on a large scale production of pure water and pure water is very international pharmaceutical standards as a process crucial.

Water Treatment for Pharmaceutical

Water Treatment for Pharmaceutical

Bio - pharmaceutical producers demand high quality water with TDS lowest number possible, for consistency in a variety of operations. Modular system Green Water Science techniques include water through the process of chips and filters, reverse osmosis, electro constant - deionization. These units can produce mega ohms Multi - cm, or very pure water for consistency in laboratory experiments. UV systems also feature sanitization and sterilization to reduce pollution and microbiological growth.

  • Sand Filtration
  • Dual Media Filters
  • Activated Carbon filters
  • Chemical Dosing System
  • Gas Chlorination
  • Ultra Filtration

  • Softener
  • DM Plant
  • RO Unit
  • EDI
  • Ultra Filtration
  • SS Tanks, Distribution System
  • Ozonation