Total Water Filtration and Purification Solutions in Kerala

If it is Smelly well water problem

Sometimes borewell water smells like rotten eggs due to the ground water being contaminated by sulphur compounds or 'sulfur bacteria' which causes Hydrogen Sulphide H2S gas to form in the well water. H2S or Hydrogen Sulphide in well water in very low concentrations can produce very bad rotten egg smell in water. In open wells it could be due to rotting organic matter This problem can be solved by fixing our water treatment plant which is specially designed for this odour removal. Our system will make it fresh and pure water.Remover of Smell in Borewell water filters in Kerala

If it is Muddy water problem

The main cause of muddy water is the excessive presence of higher turbdity and iron content in your water . Here you should go for our Water treatment plant which is suitable to remove this turbidity completely from your water. The higher amount of turbidity causes stains on your costly bathroom fitting,sanitary and tiles. The turbidity will be seen as yellowish, redish or slightly in orange color. It differes from place to place depends on the soil pattern. Sometimes this turbidity settles down on the bottom of your storage tanks and makes more dirty and might cloge your pipings too. Bore well muddy water filters are available in Kerala

If the problem is excess Iron content

The maximum permissible limit of Iron as Fe in your water should be 0.3 ppm. If this limit exceeds, you will face several probelms in your water like color change, formation of an oily layer on top of water, smell, foggy water. This causes in rusting of pipings and damages tiles and fittings, rust all metals wherever water comes to contact, damages clothes too much, hairloss and itching of skin and of course many many internal health problems etc etc.Iron removal from open well or bore well water is important because Iron in water is a very common problem due to the fact that iron is found almost everywhere on the earth's surface. We can completely remove this excessive presence of iron through GWS Iron Removal systems.Borewell water color removal filters in Kerala. Our another services are Borewell Water Filtration in Kerala, Muddy color smell Borewell Water Filtration in Kerala, Iron content removal from Borewell water Kerala,Centralized water purification systems in Kerala,Water Treatment system manufacturer Kerala, Water Treatment Company in Kerala, Water Treatment Services in Kerala,Bore well tube well Purification,waste water treatment STP ETP in Kerala,Green Water Science is a water treatment company in Kerala India.Our water filtration services in Kerala offers Iron Removal plant,Hard water softener,RO Plant,Drinking water purifiers RO UV Filters,Bore well Water filtration,Water Color Smell Removal,Sewage Treatment Plant,Swimming Pool works,Effluent waste water treatment plant,Desalination RO,DM Plant,Mineral Water bottling Plant