Sewage Treatment Plant Manufacturer

We are a team of engineers working hard to bring the right solution to our customers , Let it be clear water or waste water, we work towards to achieve our customer requirement on water treatment application.

ETP STP Treatment Plants and Recycled water systems are designed in all capacities are per clients enquiry. The Sewage is being treated for reduction in BOD, COD & TSS in order to comply with the government standards for disposal, gardening, flushing and other non-potable purposes. Even you can reuse it for drinking after UF RO technology which is considered as post treatment for any waste water plant.

We do our waste water tanks inMS ,FRP , GLS, GFS constructed tanks for easy installation and commissioning.

We use technology like : SAFF, DAFF,SBR, ACF, GREY WATER TECHNOLOGY, RBC, MBBR,MBR, Extended aeration, Surface areationetc